Our philosophy

"We shall always work to be the best not the biggest”. In more than half a century of experience in a producing quality soaps, this philosophy has always meant for us continuous progress on the technical, creative and research sides of the business. Nowdays Nesti Dante srl is one of the few factories that goes on with handicraft method of saponification, notwithstanding its industrial-size. The process takes place by in big containers, called "boilers". This is a typically handicraft operation and it lasts several days. During this operation, the presence of the soap-boiler is extremely important to control all the several stages of the saponification process. The qualitative advantages of the use of traditional saponification instead of continuous saponification, are many but above all:
The use of raw materials as whole neutral fats, both vegetable and animal allows a qualitative selection of each individual material and, much more important, these qualitative material let us obtain a richer and more softening soap thanks to the presence of the glyceride fraction in the fats.
The several stages of the process (saponification, liquidation, and drying) happen under the control of skilled workers and, threfore, we always have the guarantee of a product that meets the required expectatins. The whole process of our production is severely realized according to the environment. Completely natural, 100% biodegradable and no animal testing.