Nesti Dante

DANTE NESTI, founder of our company. In September 1945, at the age of twenty, Dante Nesti started making soap in his own home with a small 50- litre cauldron. By 1947 his operation had become a reliable firm registered with the Florence Chamber of Commerce. Today the Nesti Soap Works, with its 70,000 and 120,000-litre cauldrons, is one of the major plants in Europe for the production of soap by the classical cauldron method. The factory management is proudly directed by the son Roberto and his wife that, since 40 years with the help of his family had pursued a balance between innovation and tradition.

Soap was first used tens of centuries ago, but it was in Florence, when the Medici Familywas in power, that soap-making became a real profession; the corporation of Master Soapmakers was formed under the noble Art of Physicians and Pharmacists, with an alley in the heart of Florence still bearing the name of the Via dei Saponai (Soapmakerā€™s street).